Pray and Process

Welcome to the web page of the Kentucky Annual Conference's New Church Development office! The Kentucky United Methodist Church has the vision to plant many new churches in the next few years. We are looking to start both large and small faith communities with different strategies. 

The first three squares on our home page, Discovery Phase, Development Phase, and Sending Phase, are primarily designed for prospective church planters. We also encourage you to visit our Success Stories link and also watch a short video message from the NCD director, Eric Bryant. 

The Effective Leaders square is primarily designed for our current planters and includes information and links on filing quarterly reports and also resources to help you in your church-planting journey. 


Discernment Guide


The Discerning Process

Are you just starting to consider church planting? Read on to discover your gifting, wiring, and what steps you will need to take if God is calling you to be a church planter.

Step 1: Prayer

As you begin the discernment process, formally invite several close friends and mentors in your life to start praying for you.

Step 2: Read & Process

Are you ready to plant a new church? A Discernment Guide for Church Planters can help you determine if you possess the essential characteristics. Download the PDF version of this Discernment Guide.

Step 3: Self-Assessment Test

Am I being called to plant a new church? This brief assessment tool is designed to help you determine if you possess the most essential characteristics typically found in high-potential church planters.

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment helps individuals identify their God-given gifts for living faithfully as Christian disciples day by day and find meaningful ways to use their gifts in connection with others through the community of faith. 

Step 4: Church Planter’s Application

Complete the Church Planters Application by following the link. 


Step 5: Meet with us!

Schedule an initial advisory appointment with Eric Bryant, director of New Church Development, by calling 502-425-3884 or 1-800-530-7236.


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